Randy’s first memory of holding a guitar was at the age of seven. He distinctly remembers holding it left handed and his Dad told him “If you are going to play, you will have to hold it the other way.” Even though he changed for that day, it would be the last time he touched a guitar for seven years.

When he was fourteen his Uncle, reintroduced him to the guitar. To this day, the love of his life (next to God & wife Michelene), is his guitar. Three chords later and a $29.00 dollar electric guitar purchased at Sears sent Randy off on a ride that will never end.

Sixteen found Randy in his first band (Stray); playing every other Friday night at a Church in Scarborough Ontario, doing covers by the Monkeys and the Stones for $35.00 a night.
After several bands and endless hours of practice he finally hit it “big” with a band called Misty Blue. They worked the Kingston - Toronto circuit performing 1950’s & 60’s covers, very true to the originals, and developed a faithful following.

In 1981 Randy came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and knew that God had a different plan for both him and his music. Randy stopped stop playing again, this time for 14 years! In 1995 Randy and his family began attending a Church in Peterborough Ontario, known as “The Selwyn Outreach Center”, This is where God would re-acquaint him with his guitar and lead him back into music. The next five years found him as part of a worship team that would allow him to express some of what God had given him as well as the freedom to do some things with his guitar that would be the start of what he is in fact doing today.

God and His Spirit have blessed Randy with the ability to write music from the heart, and helped him to stretch his musical horizons. His influences include James Taylor, Steely Dan, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Dire Straits, Stephen Curtis Chapman and Chris Rice.

Producer Dan Washburn says, “Randy’s music is a compilation of his influences mixed in with his own unique style and delivery, with a wide variety of genres on the same album. His recordings generally offer something new with each pass, even for the experienced listener. There is not one given style on the album, but several in fact and I think that is what made “Right Now” ( His debut Album), such a great project. He has continued being true to form with his latest effort “Never Too Late” which again takes the listening experience to another level. The music is still very diverse in nature but there is a stronger message lyrically, that really stands out. Randy is growing musically and I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next!”
Randy explains: “As I carry on with my adventure and walk with God, I know that this, (songwriting) is what God has planned for me to do. I pray that the music will bless people and that I will continue, to be inspired, by God.”